Tea House


In an effort to prevent and minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus, our Guest House and the banquet room are closed for the time being.
However, our Tea House is open with the doors and windows left open to ventilate the rooms.
We kindly ask our guests to wear a face mask and use hand sanitizer on arrival. Thank you for your cooperation.



Higashibaba turns into a Tea House during the day. Enjoy our Matcha green tea, coffee, traditional Japanese desserts and snacks. Gifts and local crafts are sold as well.



sweet red bean soup with grilled rice cake,pickled carrot and radish, green tea


coffee, tree cake with a candied scarlet runner bean


homemade sweet drink (non-alcoholic) made from fermented rice used to make Sake, crystallized ginger slices, green tea


matcha (traditional Japanese green tea), jewelry yokan (plum and balloon flower - shaped
sweet red bean jelly, sweet white bean and yuzu citrus jelly. )
※Menu is subject to change depending on the season.

Purifying Soup with Rice Cakes

pork and vegetable soup with rice cakes, green tea(Salt purified in front of the shrine by our head of the family,a Shinto priest, is used for this soup.)

Grilled Rice Balls

grilled rice balls, homemade Japanese pepper miso,pickled radish, green tea

Oshi Lunch

Limited to 10 meals a day.
・Grilled Rice Balls
・Purifying Soup with Rice Cakes
・Jewelry Yokan
・Pickled Radish
・Green Tea
※Menu is subject to change depending on the season.